Nicole Grohoski
State Representative for House District 132
Representing Ellsworth and Trenton
“We're all in this together.”

About Nicole


I grew up in Ellsworth and have made my home here as an adult. I am grounded here, but I have always also fancied myself as an explorer: bicycling across the United States and Europe, becoming the first woman to thru-paddle the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail (in the company of my friend and fellow Ellsworthian Tom Perkins), rowing a raft down the Grand Canyon, and solo-backpacking the 100 Mile Wilderness. Born in the wrong century to have "explorer" as a job title, I settled on being a modern day digital cartographer, mapping trails and supporting conservation in Ellsworth, Trenton, and just about everywhere else in Maine and beyond.

Although my cartography career allows me to work remotely from anywhere in the world, I choose to live in my hometown to make a difference in the place I love most. The rapids on the Union River, the running trails at the Black House, the vibrant downtown that appeals to young and old alike -- these all make this place home. So I bought a house right here on the Bangor Road, and I volunteer with the Ellsworth Green Plan and Heart of Ellsworth to help shape the future of our community.

I am honored by the opportunity to continue to represent you at the Maine State House. Through hard work, determination, creativity, and patience, I have been and will continue to be a voice for our community in Augusta, listening to your concerns and advocating for positive change that will affect us here at home. My endurance for strenuous outdoor activities, volunteer experience, and understanding of the people and landscapes of Maine have taught me many lessons about myself, working with others, and what it takes to succeed. I've put these life skills to good use in my first term as a fierce advocate for Maine people and our environment, and I hope you'll give me the opportunity to build on what I've learned and accomplished to further improve life here in Hancock County and across our great state.

Let’s make Maine a prosperous and healthy place for people of all ages and backgrounds -- We’re all in this together.


Biographical Highlights

• Daughter of Jackie Grohoski, school nurse, and Ed Grohoski, electrician and Vietnam Veteran

• Wilderness First Responder

• Volunteer Firefighter

• Aided in disaster response mapping in Haiti

• Ran cross-country at EHS with (and far behind) Sen. Louie Luchini

• Northern Forest Canoe Trail Board Member

• Maine Master Naturalist

• Co-author of two books

• Volunteer trail maintainer

• Whitewater Nationals Canoe Champion

• Middlebury College Graduate (Chemistry, Environmental Studies)

• Can dance, draw, and play the violin (not at the same time!)

• Ate 16 cake donuts to win college record

Affordable Healthcare

Affordable and accessible healthcare for all Mainers will not only help us live longer and happier lives, it will improve our economy by adding good-paying jobs, protecting our rural hospitals, and supporting entrepreneurial activity. The COVID-19 public health crisis has further highlighted this need.


We must support small business investment in Maine, connect to the world with broadband internet, and repair roads and bridges. The state must fully fund education for our Maine youth, including career and technical programs.

Protecting Children

Children should not live in fear. We must prioritize child protection services to better help children at risk of violence. We can feed all Maine children by increasing access to SNAP and applying for USDA funding to support rural families.


Our people are our greatest resource, but a healthy environment sustains its people. We can save money while protecting our natural resources, through waste reduction and renewable energy. Our tourism economy is based on a healthy Maine.

Opiate Abuse

Access to affordable healthcare is the first step. We must also implement evidence-based solutions to support people in recovery in their own communities and outside of the prison system to the maximum extent possible.

Energy Independence

We can generate clean, renewable energy here in Maine, providing good jobs and attracting young workers. Independence from the foreign corporations that control our electrical grid would save us billions of dollars, improve reliability and customer service, and create jobs.

Issues... in more detail


On October 22, the League of Women Voters and other community sponsors hosted a forum for the public to hear from candidates for the Maine State House to represent Ellsworth and Trenton (as well as State Senate candidates). We were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and answer three questions that we knew of in advance as well as audience questions. The headline topics were the economy, energy, and healthcare. If you missed the forum, you can read the Ellsworth American coverage here. Please feel free to read my prepared forum responses here.

The Ellsworth American also produced as special "Ballot Box 2018" section in the October 18th edition. Here is a photo of my section.

The Bangor Daily News surveyed all candidates for the Maine House of Representatives with the same eight questions. You can read our responses here. If you're having trouble loading the site, I've excerpted the responses here.


Louie Luchini, State Senator and Ellsworth Resident

I’ve been impressed with Nicole’s work ethic and dedication to serving her community. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with her on issues of importance to the people of Ellsworth and Trenton.

Maine Education Association

Rep. Grohoski's voting record shows she consistently votes to support students and educators, and we thank her for her efforts. Our schools, our students and our professionals face many challenges in the coming years. We hope to work with Rep. Grohoski to help make sure all Maine students have access to a top-notch education regardless of their zip code.

Gary Fortier, Ellsworth City Councilor and Resident

It doesn’t matter to me whether Nicole is an R or a D or an I...She is passionate about our community and our environment and I support her as a candidate.

Dennis Damon, Former State Senator and Trenton Resident

Nicole has energy, commitment, intellect and a positive 'can do' attitude. There is no challenge too great for her to tackle. And there is no problem too small for her to ignore. "Can't" is not part of Nicole's vocabulary.

Maine Conservation Voters

Maine's extraordinary environment is the foundation of our good health, good jobs, and quality of life. We appreciate Nicole's steadfast vision to conserve our natural legacy for future generations.

Equality Maine

EqualityMaine is proud to endorse Nicole Grohoski's election to the Maine State House. We work closely with elected officials to ensure that all Mainers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, have equal protections and opportunities.

Letters to the Editor

"A quality candidate." Ted Koffman. Ellsworth American and MDI Islander, 8/3/18.

"Support for Grohoski." Nancy Patterson. MDI Islander, 8/31/18 and Ellsworth American, 9/28/18, "Grohoski has the right stuff for Augusta."

"Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Candidate." Mary Doherty. Ellsworth American, 9/14/18, and MDI Islander, 9/14/18, "A frugal politician."

"Fresh Face Makes Good Impression." Bob Pepler. Ellsworth American, 9/14/18.

"Grohoski Support." Starr Gilmartin. MDI Islander, 9/14/18, and Ellsworth American, 9/21/18, "Grohoski about solutions, not complaints."

"Grohoski a Tenacious Candidate." Pamela Perkins. Ellsworth American, 10/5/18.

"Grohoski cares." Dennis Damon. MDI Islander, 10/11/18, and Ellsworth American, 10/26/18, "Grohoski won't back down from challenges."

"A refreshing change from the daily drama." Sara Hessler. Ellsworth American, 10/12/18.

"Grohoski is needed in Augusta." Claire Daniel. Ellsworth American, 10/18/18.

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