Nicole Grohoski
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 7
“We're all in this together.”

About Nicole


I was raised in Ellsworth and continue to call Hancock County home, drawn by our vibrant community and the beautiful waters, mountains, coast, and woods that make Maine special. I work as a cartographer for a Maine small business and volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Green Ellsworth.

In my two terms serving as the State Representative for Ellsworth and Trenton and as a recently-elected State Senator for most of Hancock County, I have been a fierce advocate for Maine people and our shared environment. I've worked hard to improve life here at home, including voting to:

• Guarantee healthcare access for people with preexisting conditions, end surprise medical bills, and rein in Big Pharma

• Lower your cost of living by increasing the homestead exemption and property tax fairness credit

• Better fund our schools, increase teacher pay, and support career and technical education

• Invest in infrastructure like roads, bridges, drinking water, broadband, and housing

• Protect the sustainability of our marine resources and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them

• Support veterans and first responders

• Grow our clean energy economy

• Tackle PFAS, lead, and arsenic poisoning of our land and water

It has been a true honor to bring the ideas and stories of so many constituents to the State House through my hard work and dedication in public office these past four years. I am proud of the advancements the Legislature has made for Maine people through our policies and efforts to work together, regardless of where we are from or our own personal beliefs.

Mainers continue to need creative, collaborative, and hard-working leaders advocating for positive change that will affect us here at home. I have been and will continue to be a voice for our region in Augusta, listening to your concerns and taking action.

In the November 8th Election, I hope you'll give me the opportunity to build on what I've accomplished so far to improve life for people here at home and across our great state. Let’s make Maine a prosperous and healthy place for people of all ages and backgrounds – we’re all in this together.


Biographical Highlights

• Daughter of Jackie Grohoski, school nurse, and Ed Grohoski, electrician and Vietnam Veteran

• Worked in her father's small business as a licensed helper electrician

• Cartographer and GIS Specialist making maps for Maine small business

• Wilderness First Responder and former volunteer firefighter

• Meals on Wheels driver

• Aided in disaster response mapping in Haiti

• Ran cross-country at EHS with (and far behind) Hon. Louie Luchini

• First woman to paddle the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail and current NFCT Board Member

• Maine Master Naturalist

• Co-author of two books

• Volunteer trail maintainer

• Whitewater Nationals Canoe Champion

• Middlebury College Graduate (Chemistry, Environmental Studies)

• Proud parent of rescue dog, Roxy

• Ate 16 cake donuts to win college record


Affordable Healthcare

Affordable and accessible healthcare for all Mainers will not only help us live longer and happier lives and tackle the opioid crisis, it will improve our economy by adding good-paying jobs, protecting our rural hospitals, and supporting our small business entrepreneurs. The COVID-19 public health crisis has further highlighted this need.


We must support economic recovery and our small businesses by investing in transportation and high-speed internet infrastructure. Workforce training and affordable higher education are necessary to help Mainers adjust to the changing job market, as we build a more resilient and robust economy.


We must invest in education for students of all ages. We can start by: supporting early childhood development by funding Pre-K programs, increasing state aid for K-12 education, improving career and technical education programs for high schoolers, and bolstering adult education and workforce training programs.


A healthy environment sustains its people – physically, emotionally, and economically. We can save money while protecting our natural resources, through better waste management and local energy generation. Protecting our ecosystems is especially important in Downeast Maine, where we rely heavily on marine resources and tourism for our livelihoods.

Property Taxes

Whether your own or rent, your housing costs are a significant expense. We can continue to lower property tax and rental cost burdens by increasing municipal revenue sharing for fire, police, and roads; better funding our schools; and further improving the homestead exemption and property tax fairness credit.

Energy Independence

We can generate clean, renewable energy here in Maine, providing good jobs and attracting young workers. Independence from the foreign corporations that control our electrical grid would save us billions of dollars, improve reliability and customer service, create jobs, and help us make the necessary clean energy transition.

What our neighbors are saying

"Nicole Grohoski has gotten things done in the Legislature." Josephine Ireland of Blue Hill. Bangor Daily News, 10/28/22.

"A lobster industry ally." Former Senator Dennis Damon of Trenton. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 10/27/22.

"Engaged and proactive." Mary Blackstone of Ellsworth. The Ellsworth American, 10/20/22.

"Look for the little blue car." Moira O’Neill of Surry. The Ellsworth American, 10/20/22.

"A dynamic duo." Jennifer Riefler of Verona Island. The Ellsworth American, 10/20/22.

"Unfinished business." Lisa Leaverton of Orland. The Ellsworth American, 10/20/22.

"A motivating candidate." Starr Gilmartin of Trenton. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 10/13/22.

"Change needed in Augusta." Daphne Bradford of Orland. The Ellsworth American, 10/13/22.

"Nicole Grohoski will protect the environment." Warren Berkowitz of Blue Hill. Bangor Daily News, 10/12/22.

"Doing the job right." Irene Schmidt of Surry. The Ellsworth American, 10/6/22.

"A tireless worker." Peter Lione of Ellsworth. The Ellsworth American and the MDIslander, 9/29/22.

"Working hard for Maine." Claire Daniel of Trenton. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 9/29/22.

"Determined and tireless." Ron Bilancia of Brewer (formerly of Bar Harbor). MDIslander, 9/29/22.

"Grohoski has our backs." Nancy Patterson of Ellsworth. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 6/2/22.

"Nicole Grohoski would make a good senator." Robin Snyder-Drummond of Ellsworth. Bangor Daily News, 5/28/22.

"Please join me." Hon. Genevieve McDonald of Stonington. MDIslander, 5/26/22.

"Let's get her elected." Gary Friedmann of Bar Harbor. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 5/26/22.

"A leader with boundless energy." Chuck Whitney of Ellsworth. The Ellsworth American, 5/26/22.

"Editorial: Everyone should get the chance to vote." The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 5/18/22.

"Someone to listen and take action." Jayne Ashworth of Tremont. The Ellsworth American and MDIslander, 4/28/22.

"A tireless candidate." Jack Russell of Mount Desert. MDIslander and The Ellsworth American, 4/7/22 and 4/15/22.

"An outstanding public servant." C.H. Keefe of Ellsworth. The Ellsworth American, 2/25/22.


I'm proud to be endorsed by the following organizations. I do not receive any money from them because I am a Clean Elections candidate and accept only small donations from people in our district.

Senate District 7 includes

Bar Harbor, Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Cranberry Isles, Deer Isle, Ellsworth, Frenchboro, Isle au Haut, Lamoine, Mount Desert, Orland, Penobscot, Sedgwick, Southwest Harbor, Stonington, Surry, Swan's Island, Tremont, Trenton, and Verona Island.

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